WELCOME to Motor Solutions

Motor Solutions LTD had its beginning as Belmopan Motors in 2005.
The ZX Auto dealership was acquired in 2005 with exclusive rights for sales and service in Belize. Since our inception with ZX Auto, we have since acquired three more automotive brands, Kawasaki, Volvo, Mahindra and most recently SSANGYONG. We have been at our new location at 1804 Hummingbird Highway in Belmopan since June of 2007. Belmopan is in the center of the country and by road, the Dealership can be reached in less than 3 hours from any part of the country.

Our Services

Motor Solutions Ltd. has an up-to-date Full Service Center that is authorized to service our brands.

Our Promise

We have a transparent system which provides an open communication reference the services you require.

Our Procedure

We will listen to your needs, use the necessary tools to identify the problems and communicate possible solutions.

Our Guarantee

We are a serious and responsible company that is committed to providing unparalleled service.

ZX Auto

Hebei Zhongxing Automobile Co., Ltd.’s (ZX Auto) predecessor was founded in 1949. In December 1999, a joint venture with total assets of 3.0 billion was established, integrating passenger cars, commercial vehicles and parts production.


Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Limited (KHI) is an international corporation based in Japan. It has headquarters in both Chūō-ku, Kobe and Minato, Tokyo. The company is named after its founder Shōzō Kawasaki and original main base was the city of Kobe, Hyōgo.


Volvo is Latin for “I Roll”. Volvo Company was founded in 1927 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The first Volvo car left the assembly line April 14, 1927, and was called Volvo ÖV 4. Volvo cars have long been marketed and stressed their historic reputation for solidity.


SsangYong is a South Korean organisation founded in 1954. Fifteen years after earning growing international respect for its passenger jeeps, taxis, snow ploughs and dump trailers, the company was formally named SsangYong Motor Co. Ltd in 1988.


Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd was founded in 1945 as a steel trading company, and entered automotive manufacturing in 1947 to bring the iconic Willys Jeep onto Indian roads. Over the years, it has diversified into many new businesses in order to better meet the needs of their customers.


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